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Flowerhub PTY LTD

Your very own online flower market comes ready made with various modules:

  • Inventory management module – Custom CRM, grower docket entry, product handling to receive and process your stock into inventory and throughout its journey in your building
  • Shopping cart module – Comes with full supplier/buyer dashboards
  • Communications module - SMS and email
  • Transport module – Postcode look up, auto booking integration with auto SMS and email options.
  • Pick and pack module – Scan picking, touch screen packing, leader board for staff activity
  • In person shopping module – Scan selling for people coming into your building
  • Management module – Scoreboards, customer life cycles and customised reports

Indication of approximate fees: Software license is $55,000 + % of dollar volume fee + monthly support fee + hardware costs including servers, clients, scanners, touch screens etc.

A ball park investment figure would be approx. $150k in the first year, with $100k pa after that. This amount is profit generating with a conservative multiplier of 3.

The software has saved our flower wholesale business 2 sales person positions ongoing at over $100k a year + lowered our pick/pack wages bill by over $150k by utilising software to help process manage cheaper labour. This is based on our business with a $7.2M sales volume.

We will not entertain any license requests for any business selling into Queensland or north of Coffs Harbour in New South Wales unless the inquirer is wanting to also purchase our full trading flower wholesale business at the same time as this is the home territory for this business.

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